Automate financial processes for global SMBs

Omni software simplifies financial workflows for small businesses with international reach.
Key benefits
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About us

Our vision is to make work inspiring and fulfilling

New technologies allow SMBs to work globally. However, having small finance teams means every minute counts for your CEO, CFO, Accountings and anyone else on the team. Our goal is to free your small finance team to focus on business growth and what matters for the business.

Streamline your workflow

Omni makes managing your accounting a breeze with tools to simplify onboarding, generate contracts automatically, maintain a single source of truth for all your data, create professional invoices, automate invoice and payroll approvals, and integrate directly with popular accounting platforms.
Easy onboarding
Quickly onboard new clients and staff into your Omni workflow with our user-friendly interface and automation tools.
Centralized system
All your accounting data flows into a single source within Omni, giving you a consolidated view of clients, invoices, payments and more.
Invoicing made easy
Create, customize and send polished invoices quickly and easily, then allow clients to pay online for faster payment collection.
Automated approvals
Configure automated approval workflows for invoices and payroll within Omni based on your unique business rules and policies.

Omni streamlines global financials for small businesses by consolidating information, automating workflows like payroll and invoices, integrating accounting software, and ensuring compliance.



Omni pulls together financial data from various sources into one centralized hub, eliminating the need to toggle between platforms.


Automating payroll, tax filings, invoice generation and other workflows saves SMBs time and money.


Omni guarantees accounting procedures and reporting comply with all regulations in the jurisdictions SMBs operate.
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